Would you like lemon with your socks?

The weather has turned much colder and the ladies who sell things have responded with a new winter season collection. It is mainly warm scarves, gloves, woollen hats and thick socks, which I am sure everyone needs.

However, I just may have stumbled upon a new shopping trend. At the opposite ends of one street there were two ladies selling warm scarves, gloves, woollen hats and thick socks and beside each lady there was another lady selling lemons.

Coincidence? Perhaps. Or  could it be a really innovative marketing ploy, with lemons as the lure?

Lemons do appear to be the common denominator in this retail mystery.

Georgians like lemons so would likely stop and look. Would they then remember that they also needed new warm scarves or gloves or woollen hats or thick socks?

I didn’t have time to sit and watch how successful this retail partnership could be but the ladies who sell warm scarves, gloves, woollen hats and thick socks are obviously convinced it works!



Red roses and beer

On my walk this afternoon I saw a man who sells flowers. You can see that his assistant is very alert and probably using a ‘profiling’ technique to scan passers-by for potential customers – perhaps children who want to surprise their mother or young men who have a date with their sweetheart or married men who still remember that it is important to give their wives beautiful flowers.

The man who sells flowers clearly looks after the needs of his blooms. If you look closely you will see that the orange flowers are having a good drink from a large water bottle. However, I was a little concerned to see that the red roses have been placed in beer bottles. Hmm, I hope they will not be too intoxicated to perform their romantic duty when they are later presented to sweethearts and wives!

Ambush in the snow

It snowed during the night and small flecks were still falling as we set off on our early morning walk. After a few minutes the tall person said he should have brought his gloves. Hmm, a little less complaining tall person – unlike me you don’t have to walk on your hands and bare feet!

Everyone one we saw on our way through the neighborhood looked plump in layers of warm clothes, and they walked in a huddled sort of way, like they were cuddling themselves.

The tall person said that he wanted to take some photos of the snow on the mountains that surround Tbilisi so we decided to go to our forest, which has good views of the city.

We were nearly there when we were suddenly ambushed by three street dogs. We were on the sidewalk and they were on the other side of the street but they immediately rushed towards us, forcing cars to stop and their drivers to shout angrily and sound their horns.

As always, I kept calm and the tall person put himself between me and the dogs and we ignored the barking and growling and walked on. Fortunately, the cars had scared the dogs and they ran back to their side of the street but we could still hear them barking as we left them behind.

A short while later we arrived at the forest. Everything that lives there was asleep. No grasshoppers leapt into the air as we trod through the undergrowth. No goats or cows grazed today. The tall person said that he hoped that the tortoise we found in the summer was hibernating now as it would not like the snow. 

We went for a run to keep ourselves warm and the tall person took his photographs of the city and the snow on the mountains.

We didn’t see the street dogs on the walk back home. The tall person said he hoped they have found something to eat and somewhere warm to sleep. Yes tall person, it must be tough on the streets.