Bassa cries wolf!

I woke the tall person with my usual alarm barks this morning but when he got up to let me out I just stood by the door.

Tall person looked at me and after a while asked if I had heard the story about the boy who cried wolf.

I looked at him for a second and then returned to the kitchen, laid down and went back to sleep.

Did he really think I wanted to hear a story at 5.00 a.m.?

Ambush in Heart Street!

I have just returned from my morning walk with the tall person. As usual, it turned out to be another adventure! We don’t set out looking for excitement but it usually finds us. Today was no exception.

We set off early and walked slowly, enjoying a light drizzle of rain that brought out the scents from the leaves and earth. Wonderful!

The tall person took this picture when I stopped to investigate a pile of leaves. The pink building is the local school. The little person does not go there. He goes to another school on top of a mountain on the other side of the city.

You may remember me mentioning that there is a street in our neighborhood that has a heart painted on it. I think it was a very lovely thing to do. I call it Heart Street. The tall person likes it too so we decided to go and see it.

We found the street and turned into it and were immediately ambushed by two aggressive street dogs. Despite the loud barking and lunges towards me I remained calm. The tall person held me close to him and kept himself between me and the dogs.

I could tell that they were cowards and bullies because they hesitated to come too close. I am a big dog and they knew it. We walked calmly down Heart Street as they followed, barking and growling. Half way down I deliberately stopped to sniff something to show them I was unafraid. The tall person did not hurry me but kept a close eye on the two silly dogs.

When we got to the bottom of the street they were still barking from the top. I felt sorry for them. There is a beautiful heart painted on the street, representing love and kindness and affection but the two dogs will never know what it means because they spend their lives being angry and aggressive.

The tall person smiled at me and stroked my head. I know what love and kindness and affection is.

Women set fire to street!

I was relaxing on the toy room balcony early this morning when I noticed two women chatting on the street. Nothing unusual in that you might think but moments later I saw them set fire to a pile of leaves and rubbish at the edge of the sidewalk! I immediately alerted the tall person. He told me that I had done well to bark a warning but it was nothing to worry about. He explained that many people, especially older ones, still burn their rubbish in the street. Hmm, I don’t like it. It is smelly and makes my eyes water. I went inside and the tall person closed the balcony door to stop the smoke coming into the house.

Shortly after the ‘arson’ incident, the school bus came to collect the little person and I went down to the street with him to say hello to his friends on the bus and then I set off on my morning walk with the tall person.

The tall person told me that when he was locking the doors last night he had heard a Caucasian Shepherd dog barking in the neighborhood. I have heard it before. It has a deep, rich bark and is probably a large dog. The tall person said that we would try to find where it lives. I readily agreed and we set off and we were soon deep in the maze of little streets and alleys.

The neighborhood was busy with little people walking to school and tall people and short people leaving their houses to go to work. Even the chickens were leaving their houses to begin their day on the streets. I saw one standing at his yard door. Hmm, I wonder how the owner of that house gets his car through that small door.

As we walked I noticed more piles of burnt rubbish, some still smouldering and smokey. Perhaps the two women from my street travel around the neighborhood and burn things for other people.

We walked on and discovered a very patriotic tree flying a Georgian flag! The tall person took a photo and as I was waiting I noticed something at the end of the street.

As we got closer we realised it was a large Caucasian Shepherd. He had heard us coming and had come to the edge of his veranda to say hello!

As soon as the Caucasian barked we knew we had found our mystery barker. The tall person took several photographs whilst I sat and admired this magnificent dog. He barked and barked and was clearly excited to see me. He is very handsome and probably has a lot of admirers but I am a lady so I remained calm and demure!

We said goodbye and slowly made our way back home. By the time we got back to our street the pile of leaves and rubbish had burnt out and the air was sweet again. I’ll have a sleep now and dream about the magnificent Caucasian dreaming about me!

The trojan ‘horses’

I have discovered Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot’s evil plan. I knew I was not being paranoid. I have proof that he was plotting a regime change. This afternoon’s meeting with his chicken friends was just a diversion. He knew I would be distracted and as I strained to listen to their plotting on the balcony more of his chicken friends hid themselves throughout the house. I have just spent the last hour tracking them down. They were very cleverly disguised. I even found a little army of them in the refrigerator and one in an egg cup! How cunning was that? Anyone looking would think they were innocent eggs but Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot can’t fool me. It was a fiendish plan, very cleverly executed. I am sure that at some predetermined hour, probably at night when I was sleeping, the little chickens would have burst out of their shells and overwhelmed me through sheer weight of numbers.

I have severely underestimated Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot. He is an evil genius.

Did you forget to grow?

Now little person, explain it to me again. I am 9 months old and you are nearly 9 years old. I am lot younger than you but I am bigger than you, I weigh more than you, I can run faster and I am stronger. What happened? Did you forget to grow?

It must be scary for you living in a world of big things but don’t worry, I will look after you. I will add you to my one-sheep-flock and keep you safe from wolves and bears.

Goodnight little person. Sleep close to me.

Goodnight world.

‘Pimp My Ride’

There was a time when I could easily walk under chairs and squeeze through the smallest gap but I’m too big now. The tall person knows this and uses it to create ‘no go’ areas inside the house. One of these is the toy room, where the little person plays. I can hear him now, playing with his model cars. It sounds like he is having lots of fun.

When I was small I liked to go to the toy room and ‘borrow’ the cars and customize them. If you have ever seen ‘Pimp my Ride’ on TV you will know what I mean. Anyway, the little person did not like my conversions, especially the ones with no wheels, and since then I am only allowed in the toy room ‘under supervision’.

Come on little person! Let me in. We can play ‘Pimp my Ride’!

Sigh. So near and yet so far.

Thwarted by a chair!

Update to Bassa’s Gardening Tips For Dogs

You may have already read my tips on how to achieve the garden of your dreams but there was one thing I forgot to mention – some of the plants you had worked so hard to remove come back! I’m not sure how they do this but would urge you to be extremely vigilant. I completely removed this grape vine several months ago and now look at it!

Never mind, it’s gone now.

Remember, never turn your back on a plant!

Happy Fourth Of July!

I wish all of my American friends a very happy holiday!

The tall person told me that you celebrate Independence Day with parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games and family reunions – wow, it sounds like a fun day!

Have a great day with the people (and dogs) you love!

P.S. Our Independence Day in Georgia is 26 May.