‘Pimp My Ride’

There was a time when I could easily walk under chairs and squeeze through the smallest gap but I’m too big now. The tall person knows this and uses it to create ‘no go’ areas inside the house. One of these is the toy room, where the little person plays. I can hear him now, playing with his model cars. It sounds like he is having lots of fun.

When I was small I liked to go to the toy room and ‘borrow’ the cars and customize them. If you have ever seen ‘Pimp my Ride’ on TV you will know what I mean. Anyway, the little person did not like my conversions, especially the ones with no wheels, and since then I am only allowed in the toy room ‘under supervision’.

Come on little person! Let me in. We can play ‘Pimp my Ride’!

Sigh. So near and yet so far.

Thwarted by a chair!

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