He put a little chicken in grandfather’s bed!

It’s nearly bedtime and I’m playing with the little person. We have a lot to catch up on. He has promised to tell me about his adventures in the village tomorrow. He did tell me one funny thing – he and his cousins put a little chicken in grandfather’s bed and grandfather was not very happy!

Goodnight friends – remember to check your bed for little chickens before you go to sleep!

Thunder and lightning and the jumping game

It’s nearly bedtime and I am winding down. It’s been raining this evening – lots of thunder and lightning, which I love but it did mean that I couldn’t go outside to play. I wanted to but De said I would get wet and muddy and smelly so I stayed inside and played a jumping game – good fun!

De is cuddling me now.

Goodnight friends. I will see you in the morning.

Goodnight friends

It’s been a good day. I have retained my job as Senior Pest Control Officer (aka fly killer) and also learned from De about how I came to live with her and the tall person and the little person and Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot. I must remember to ask De and the tall person to ask the priests about my brothers and sisters when they visit St. George’s Monastery. Some may still be in Georgia but others might be in other countries. Wherever they are I would like to keep in touch.

Goodnight friends. Thank you for your lovely comments about me and the monastery of St. George and their puppies.

Cinderella says goodnight

I really felt like Cinderella today. De gave me a brush for my 10 month birthday and ‘suggested’ that I help clean the house! Clean? What is the point of having a cleaning fairy? Oh well, perhaps it was her day off. Anyway, I thwarted her plan. After playing tug of war with the brush I cuddled up to her and she soon forgot about cleaning and spent most of the time kissing and hugging me. Lovely!

I can’t believe I am 10 months old today. It only seems like yesterday that I was 9 months and 30 days! How time flies.

Goodnight friends, tomorrow we will all be one day older so make each day count!

From a 2 star to a 3 star

Things are improving. At bedtime, the cover on my bed had been turned down and there was a dog treat on the pillow. If this type of service continues I will consider upgrading this establishment from a 2 star to a 3 star.

Goodnight friends. I hope you find a treat on your pillow tonight!

P.S. I think I’ll test them out in the middle of the night and ask for room service.

I am worried I will starve in my sleep

It’s been a strange up and down day today and I haven’t really felt like eating or doing anything. I think it is because the little person has gone to his grandparent’s village to spend a couple of weeks with his cousins. I miss him a lot but I don’t miss Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot one little bit.

I was feeling quite lonely and sad until I received a lovely message from my best friend Lovely Lynlee. Her words cheered me up and after a while I began to feel hungry so I went to the tall person and he gave me a juicy bone. That was delicious but it was soon gone so De put some food in my bowl and I ate that. They won’t give me any more because it is nearly bedtime. I am worried that I will starve in my sleep!

Goodnight everybody. I hope I have enough fat reserves to see me through to breakfast in the morning. Wait a minute, I think I can lick a bit more from the sides of my bowl!