Dreaming of ‘Treats’

The tall person began our training programme this evening. I must admit I found it quite easy. He asked me to do things and when I did them he gave me a tasty treat!

Full marks to the tall person – it’s a fantastic training programme.

Goodnight friends – I will be dreaming of treats!

P.S. I must remember to complete the training course evaluation form.

We Have To Talk

The tall person took me to one side this afternoon and told me that he had received ‘feedback’ from friends on Facebook about my reluctance to come inside last night. Apparently, I should have come inside when he told me to. He said that all dogs receive training to ensure that they do what they are told. No one mentioned this to me! Apparently, we are to begin a training programme that includes ‘treats’. He gave me further details but I must admit it was all a bit of a blur because I was still dreaming about ‘treats’.

Anyway, sign me up – I’m ready for ‘treats’.

The I’m Not Coming In Game

I needed to go to the bathroom during the night so I woke up the tall person and he opened the door so I could go outside. It had just started to rain and the cool night air and rain drops were so refreshing.

I wanted to stay outside but the tall person said I would get soaked and should come back in.

To cut a long story short, we had a very funny chasing game in the garden – well I thought it was funny.

Eventually, the tall person captured me and took me inside. He didn’t say much and went straight back to bed – perhaps he was tired from playing the ‘I’m not coming inside’ game.

The ‘Indian Room’

I feel a lot more comfortable AND lighter after the tall person brushed my coat. He said he could have made another puppy with the hair he brushed out. Ah, so that’s how puppies are made!

I have decided to sleep in the ‘Indian’ room tonight. The tall person told me that he intends to decorate this room with some of the things he brought back from India. Sounds good. At the moment it is used to store the ironing board and vacuum cleaner!

Sweet dreams friends.

A Brush with the Law (AKA Tall Person)

After being identified as the phantom paw printer by the ace detective tall person I did not expect to receive any special treatment for the rest of the day but the tall person has just spent half an hour brushing me. I like being brushed but he would need to significantly improve his interpersonal skills if he ever wanted to be a professional dog groomer – he said I needed brushing because I was scruffy! I would suggest that this is not the way to attract repeat business. However, I did enjoy being brushed and to hear him say that I now look ‘fluffy’.

I felt so good that I went outside to pose on the veranda for a while.

I Am On Twitter (Whatever That Is!)

The tall person suggested I sign up to Twitter! He said it’s great to ‘tweet’ and millions of people do it. I said it sounds like something birds do. He laughed at that.

I asked him how many dogs ‘tweet’ but he didn’t know. Anyway, I will give it a go.

‘Tweet’ me (whatever that is!!)

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