Toy car?

I saw this fantastic 1:1 scale model of a Soviet era Zhiguli car today. The detail was amazing.

It looked so real. It was hard to imagine that it was made from a plastic scale model kit.

I pointed it out to the tall person and he said it was a real car and not a model.

Hmm, if it is not a model car why does its number plate say it is a ‘TOY.’

I can see my house from Eugene’s house!

You may remember that there is an old abandoned American jeep in my neighborhood. I call him Eugene. I haven’t been to see him for a while and suggested to the tall person that we go and make sure he is okay.

Eugene lives on a sidewalk at the top of a hill on the other side of the valley from my house. He doesn’t actually have a house. He’s the rugged outdoor type and prefers to feel the sun and the rain and the gentle breeze on his olive green skin.

Anyway, he was snoozing in the sunshine when we got there so we didn’t wake him up.

As we turned to head home the tall person said that we can see our house from here and sure enough there was our house on the other side of the valley.

It’s in the center of the picture. If you look carefully you can see the white door that leads out to the toy room balcony where I sit with my kitten, Barnaby. You can also see the tall tree that stands behind my house. Tall person looks for that if he gets lost when we are walking in the maze of narrow lanes that make up our neighborhood.

Barnaby! Barnaby! Can you see me!

No answer.

Hmm, I think he is asleep on duty.

Car of the future?

There is an old Soviet era Volga car parked in my street. I have not seen it for a few days but it was parked in its usual place when I came back from my morning walk.

It looked different.

I noticed several improvements.

See if you can spot them.

The Sarplas sticker is a big clue. Sarplas make double glazing. The windows in my house are made by Sarplas. Obviously, the owner of this car wants to be warm when he is driving but he also cares about the environment and has installed energy efficient glazing in his car. Well done Mr. Driver!

This car owner is also security conscious and has upgraded the existing protection for the vehicle’s trunk by securing it with a stout rope. Full marks for security Mr. Driver!

You will have also noticed the roof rack. No doubt this extra storage facility was installed because the additional security on the trunk makes it less easy for the car driver to use. Hmm, I suppose caring for your environment always requires a little reorientation.

Anyway,  I award this concept car full marks for innovation!

On a pedestal

On this afternoon’s walk I discovered this beautiful car enjoying the autumn sunshine near the railway bridge in my neighborhood. I haven’t seen it before. The tall person said it is a Soviet era Volga Gaz-21 from the mid 1960s.

The car’s external design was made by Lev Yeremeev and was largely influenced by Western vehicles of the same period, American in particular.

I think it has a very happy face.

It’s owner must be very proud of it because it has been parked on a pedestal overlooking the road.

The tall person said “They don’t make cars like this anymore”. I know tall person, they stopped production in 1970!

Forty years old and living under a tree!

Near my house there is a car that lives under a tree. The little person told me that it is a Soviet era Volga GAZ 24 and probably forty years old.

The little person also said that Volga cars were traditionally used by Soviet government officials and also as taxi cabs and road police interceptors.

Another version, called the GAZ-24-24 was never available for private ownership and was used by the KGB services.

I don’t think this car worked for the KGB though. It is too conspicuous!

When autumn comes the tree will lose its leaves and the car will get wet. I hope it finds a proper home soon.