I can see my house from Eugene’s house!

You may remember that there is an old abandoned American jeep in my neighborhood. I call him Eugene. I haven’t been to see him for a while and suggested to the tall person that we go and make sure he is okay.

Eugene lives on a sidewalk at the top of a hill on the other side of the valley from my house. He doesn’t actually have a house. He’s the rugged outdoor type and prefers to feel the sun and the rain and the gentle breeze on his olive green skin.

Anyway, he was snoozing in the sunshine when we got there so we didn’t wake him up.

As we turned to head home the tall person said that we can see our house from here and sure enough there was our house on the other side of the valley.

It’s in the center of the picture. If you look carefully you can see the white door that leads out to the toy room balcony where I sit with my kitten, Barnaby. You can also see the tall tree that stands behind my house. Tall person looks for that if he gets lost when we are walking in the maze of narrow lanes that make up our neighborhood.

Barnaby! Barnaby! Can you see me!

No answer.

Hmm, I think he is asleep on duty.

11 thoughts on “I can see my house from Eugene’s house!

  1. Looks like Eugene’s Mum or Dad hasn’t given him a bath for a while. Security matters are one of the key parts of my job but I admit, like Barnaby, I have been known to be asleep on duty. According to my contract sleep time counts as working time too!

  2. We’ve been trying to find our house from the opposite hill but aren’t having any luck since there are lots of trees in the way. I’d rather have the trees than a clear view, I guess.

  3. Hi Bassa!
    Next time you see Eugene tell him some Americans in the homeland say hello and he is doing a great job looking over you! What beautiful pictures and was Barnaby sleeping on the job? Perhaps he was mouse hunting?

    Great post!
    the collies and chuck 🙂

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