Forty years old and living under a tree!

Near my house there is a car that lives under a tree. The little person told me that it is a Soviet era Volga GAZ 24 and probably forty years old.

The little person also said that Volga cars were traditionally used by Soviet government officials and also as taxi cabs and road police interceptors.

Another version, called the GAZ-24-24 was never available for private ownership and was used by the KGB services.

I don’t think this car worked for the KGB though. It is too conspicuous!

When autumn comes the tree will lose its leaves and the car will get wet. I hope it finds a proper home soon.

10 thoughts on “Forty years old and living under a tree!

  1. I like old cars, they smell good. Some people have had their hens in there, where I lived before. I wonder if a KGB-agent would like hens …

  2. Interesting post sweet Bassa. The car don’t look 40 years old so someone takes good care of it. Hugs and nose kisses

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