New blog about Georgia

I have some exciting news! Tall person has launched a new blog to share his experiences about life in the Republic of Georgia. Having lived here for several years he wants to show the best of the best of this wonderful country and with the help of De and Mari his new blog will take you on a guided tour of its unique culture, rich history, amazing food and wines, colorful markets and natural wonders.

Walk with him in the snow covered Caucasus mountains and lush forests. Tour the towns and cities and countryside and meet the Georgian people, renowned for their hospitality and love of life. Learn how to cook Georgian food. Visit centuries old churches filled with exquisite icons and murals. Learn about traditional crafts and customs. See the best of the best of Georgia.

Called Georgia About, the new blog will bring beautiful Georgia to you!

Visit Georgia About and see the best of the best of Georgia:

Good luck with your new blog tall person. I see you have found something thinner than you!

The blue shoe shoe shop

On my walk through the neighborhood today I found two little shops with no doors. They were side by side and painted in bright colors. I asked the tall person what type of shops they were and he told me that the yellow one sells Khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread) and the green one repairs shoes.

Tall person remembered De saying that she had a pair of black shoes that needed re-heeling so we crossed the road to have a closer look at the shop sign.

Tall person studied the sign for a few moments and then frowned. Yes tall person, I noticed it too – the shop only repairs blue shoes. De’s shoes are black.

All was not lost though. We went to the shop next door and bought some delicious cheese bread.

Meet my baker

There is a lot of news about bad bankers on television at the moment and how they have lost a lot of ‘dough’ so I thought it would be nice to talk about good bakers who make very good use of dough.

This is my baker. He makes delicious bread for me and the tall person and De and the little person and other families in my neighborhood.

He looks as if he is dressed to go to the beach but that is because the circular clay oven, called a tone (pronounced “ton-AY”), is very hot. In summer, the heat inside the bakery is almost unbearable.

The tall person likes to watch the baker make the traditional long pointed bread called shotis puri. The dough is stretched on to a long handled shovel and placed on the inside walls of the oven. When it is ready the baker uses long sticks to take the loaves out and puts them on slatted wooden shelves to cool. It smells fantastic!

The bread is very hot when it is freshly baked and when you buy it the baker will usually wrap it in a sheet of paper, otherwise it would be too hot to carry.

Dancing in the rain

Yesterday, the tall person, De and the little person went to Djansug Kakhidze Gardens, which are situated just off the recently renovated Agmashenebli Avenue.

The garden was opened last year and two beautiful bronze statues were recently erected at the entrance to the garden.

The statues are of Iliko Sukhishvili and his wife Nino Ramishvili, founders of the Georgian National Ballet. It is due to their efforts that Georgian national dancing and music has become known in many parts of the world. 

A performance by the Georgian National Ballet’s dancers in which the female dancers, wearing long skirts, appear to glide across the floor was an inspiration for writer Terry Nation in creating the Daleks for the television series Doctor Who.

Do you want to dress like an Englishman or woman?

On today’s walk we found this amazing shop in our neighborhood.

Being English, the tall person was obviously attracted to it because it proudly displayed the Union Jack flag.

Fortunately, De was with us and translated the Georgian language sign, which says, “High Quality Secondhand Clothes From England.”

Great! Now the tall person knows where to go if he needs a new bowler hat or umbrella.

Does your roof leak or your wall lean?

Does your roof leak or your wall lean? Don’t want to replace your traditional roof? Are you looking for an advanced solution to waterproofing your roof? You want to keep your historic leaning wall?

No problem.

I saw these examples of sympathetic approaches to traditional building maintenance on my walk through the neighborhood today.

Tall person said there must be an historic building contractor working in the area.


Prevent leaks by having two roofs!

I think this might also solve the problem of the Leaning Tower of Pisa