Car of the future?

There is an old Soviet era Volga car parked in my street. I have not seen it for a few days but it was parked in its usual place when I came back from my morning walk.

It looked different.

I noticed several improvements.

See if you can spot them.

The Sarplas sticker is a big clue. Sarplas make double glazing. The windows in my house are made by Sarplas. Obviously, the owner of this car wants to be warm when he is driving but he also cares about the environment and has installed energy efficient glazing in his car. Well done Mr. Driver!

This car owner is also security conscious and has upgraded the existing protection for the vehicle’s trunk by securing it with a stout rope. Full marks for security Mr. Driver!

You will have also noticed the roof rack. No doubt this extra storage facility was installed because the additional security on the trunk makes it less easy for the car driver to use. Hmm, I suppose caring for your environment always requires a little reorientation.

Anyway,  I award this concept car full marks for innovation!

12 thoughts on “Car of the future?

  1. Oh my friend! You forgot to mention that the body is environmentally green friendly too! Look close and you’ll see (especially the left side) is returning back to nature by oxidizing itself into oblivion! This way it won’t sit in a land fill for the next 22,000 years 🙂

    • Hahahaha! Being sensitive to the owner’s feelings I had not wanted to point out that particular ‘green’ feature! To be fair, the car is very old and has been well looked after.

  2. Bassa, even though that car looks less than lovely, a ride in the car is a ride in the car. So, if the owner invited me, I’d hop in and slobber on the Sarplas windows on the way to the park!

    Love and licks,

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