On a pedestal

On this afternoon’s walk I discovered this beautiful car enjoying the autumn sunshine near the railway bridge in my neighborhood. I haven’t seen it before. The tall person said it is a Soviet era Volga Gaz-21 from the mid 1960s.

The car’s external design was made by Lev Yeremeev and was largely influenced by Western vehicles of the same period, American in particular.

I think it has a very happy face.

It’s owner must be very proud of it because it has been parked on a pedestal overlooking the road.

The tall person said “They don’t make cars like this anymore”. I know tall person, they stopped production in 1970!

8 thoughts on “On a pedestal

  1. Ooh, that’s a cool car!

    Ok, Bassa, I have a question I’ve been meaning to ask you, and I hope you don’t mind. When I look at the “dog” posts in WordPress (they’re supposed to be the posts with dog-related tags, though I’ve found that many of them don’t have dog or anything similar in the tags), you’re always one of the top five. How do you do that?

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