Ambush in Heart Street!

I have just returned from my morning walk with the tall person. As usual, it turned out to be another adventure! We don’t set out looking for excitement but it usually finds us. Today was no exception.

We set off early and walked slowly, enjoying a light drizzle of rain that brought out the scents from the leaves and earth. Wonderful!

The tall person took this picture when I stopped to investigate a pile of leaves. The pink building is the local school. The little person does not go there. He goes to another school on top of a mountain on the other side of the city.

You may remember me mentioning that there is a street in our neighborhood that has a heart painted on it. I think it was a very lovely thing to do. I call it Heart Street. The tall person likes it too so we decided to go and see it.

We found the street and turned into it and were immediately ambushed by two aggressive street dogs. Despite the loud barking and lunges towards me I remained calm. The tall person held me close to him and kept himself between me and the dogs.

I could tell that they were cowards and bullies because they hesitated to come too close. I am a big dog and they knew it. We walked calmly down Heart Street as they followed, barking and growling. Half way down I deliberately stopped to sniff something to show them I was unafraid. The tall person did not hurry me but kept a close eye on the two silly dogs.

When we got to the bottom of the street they were still barking from the top. I felt sorry for them. There is a beautiful heart painted on the street, representing love and kindness and affection but the two dogs will never know what it means because they spend their lives being angry and aggressive.

The tall person smiled at me and stroked my head. I know what love and kindness and affection is.

18 thoughts on “Ambush in Heart Street!

  1. I’m relieved to read that nothing happened between those street dogs and you, Bassa. You are elegant lady Bassa, so I don’t want you to get hurt.
    Your tall person always protects you from them, that is wonderful.
    Don’t they have their owners, the street dogs? Street dogs mean stray dogs?
    How do they survive without their owners? Someone feed them? Woof???

    • They might be stray dogs or they might belong to people who leave them to wander the streets all day. I suspect these were stray dogs because I didn’t see any collars on them. I often see stray dogs looking for food in refuse bins. Some people leave bread for them.

    • It is sad Rumpy and I do understand their situation but the tall person and I have to run the gauntlet every time we go out and we both risk being bitten by stray dogs or by dogs whose owners let them roam the streets. There are around 25 000 stray animals wandering the streets of Tbilisi. The majority do no harm as they search for food. Yes, society and people are to blame for the situation and yes these dogs are hungry and have to compete for scraps but they are not all the same – some are the sweetest dogs you will ever meet but unfortunately some are inherently vicious. Near where I live there is a Chihuahua that has a home but its owners let it roam the streets. It is the most aggressive dog I have ever come across and has tried to bite me several times. People are very wary of dogs here and they have every reason to be. In 2006 in Georgia there were 47,120 people bitten by dogs. It is almost certainly much higher now.

      Some things are being done:

  2. It’s very sad for them not to have a family to care for them. We don’t get strays around here but if we were approached I think it would be ok; me and the two daft collies always stick up for each other. They’re very protective of me because I am the youngest and also because they know I’d fight any dog alive at the drop of a hat, so they keep a close eye on me to keep me out of trouble.

  3. I’m usually a live and let live kind of canine, but when a dog comes after me, my hair goes up and I bark and growl right back. I only weigh 40 pounds, so I’m often the smaller dog, but I can’t back down. I don’t think I would get to go on very many walks if I lived where you do. Luckily, there aren’t too many loose dogs where I live, but I wish I could learn to be calm like you.

  4. We are sure happy to hear that the ambush did not bring bad news. We feel sorry for those doggies too but we are sure glad that nothing happened to you sweet Bassa. Nice heart and nice way to end your walk. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. If there are dogs running loose here they get picked up and taken to dog jail. Sometimes people let their dogs run free on the trails where I walk though. Mostly they’re friendly dogs, but my person tries to keep me away from them anyway. Sometimes when I’m on a leash I’m not very patient with other dogs.

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