Bassa chases a street magician!

The little person accompanied me and the tall person on a walk through the neighborhood recently. He said he wants to become a street magician when he is older.

I was a little skeptical because I have never noticed him practice magic.

He read my mind and turned himself into a rabbit.

He was very surprised when I chased him!

The homecoming queen

Although I don’t like it when people I love go away for a while I do like the anticipation of waiting for someone to return.

Last year, the little person went on vacation to his grandparent’s village and after a while………….he came home:

My new leaning place

You may recall that I recently optimized my leaning.

When I want to lean to the left I go here……

and when I want to lean to the right I go here……

However, because my leaning place is static I always have the same view.

I have been thinking about this and have come up with a solution that provides me with a variety of views.

So when I feel like leaning and looking at a different view I go and find my mobile leaning place…….

That’s lovely little person….10 more minutes and we’ll move 10 feet to the left.

Tbilisi honors little person!

I felt very proud this morning when I saw that a statue of my little person had been erected in my street. It looks exactly like him! What a huge honor!

I’m not sure about the location though. I would have thought that it would have been better to place the statue on the sidewalk instead of the middle of the road. I mentioned this to the tall person and he said that it is not a statue – it is the real little person waiting for the school bus.

Hmm, I’m not so sure – he hasn’t moved. Perhaps he has fallen asleep.

The knight in the panther’s skin

The little person has prepared a presentation for school tomorrow.

He is a little nervous about his first public speaking engagement so I suggested that he practice with me.

We chose to do this in the bathroom as the acoustics are excellent. I know this because I often hear De singing in the bath and she sounds quite good.

The little person decided to use the laundry box as a podium and I chose to sit in the front row of the seating area. Actually it was the floor but we were using our imagination.

You can see from this picture that the little person’s style is quite animated with lots of gestures to reinforce the points he was making.

His presentation was about Shota Rustaveli, a Georgian poet of the 12th century, and one of the greatest contributors to Georgian literature. He wrote a very long poem called “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin”, which has been translated into many languages.  

Well done little person, you will blow them away tomorrow.

He is running out of gas!

This is a picture of the little person, just home from school and crawling up the front steps. Come on little person – just a few more steps to go. Poor little student person. He is clearly exhausted. What is the education system doing to him? I see him leave early each morning carrying a very heavy bag and I don’t see him again until 6.00 p.m. and his bag is even heavier!

I asked the tall person why learning was so tough and he told me that learning prepares you for life and then sustains you. It is the fuel for life and the more we learn the further we will travel.

Ah, I think the little person needs more fuel. It looks like he is running out of gas!

Don’t worry little person, De told me that you have lots of homework to do. That will top up your gas tank!

The world is shrinking

I am on the toy room balcony waiting for the little person to return home from school. He is late and will probably be grumpy when he arrives because he will be hungry. I expect his tummy is making loud complaining noises on the school minibus.

The toy room balcony gives me an excellent view of the street but it is becoming a little small for me. I think it is shrinking. In fact, I think the whole world is shrinking. Lots of things appear to be much smaller than I remember. I shall have to discuss this strange phenomenon with the tall person to see if he is aware that the world is getting smaller.

I am certain that this balcony was bigger. I can remember stretching out on it only a few months ago but you can see from this photo that I am now forced to put my nose and paws through the railings. I expect this is how Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot feels behind his bars. Come to think of it, he looks smaller as well. Hmm, the only thing that is not getting smaller is me. Am I immune from this bizzare phenomenon?

So many questions. That is one of the problems of waiting – your mind wanders and starts to think about odd things. But if I hadn’t been waiting I might not have realised that the world is getting smaller so I suppose there is a positive side.

Hurry up little person. If you don’t come soon I will think of more strange things or the balcony will get even smaller and I will be squashed!

Hmm, I wonder what these railings taste like? I shall just have a little lick. Goodness I must be bored if I’m licking the railings!

Ah, at last. I can see the school minbus turning into the street. I shall go to the front steps and meet him.

Hello little person. Yes, I know you are hungry.

By the way, have you got smaller?