Did you forget to grow?

Now little person, explain it to me again. I am 9 months old and you are nearly 9 years old. I am lot younger than you but I am bigger than you, I weigh more than you, I can run faster and I am stronger. What happened? Did you forget to grow?

It must be scary for you living in a world of big things but don’t worry, I will look after you. I will add you to my one-sheep-flock and keep you safe from wolves and bears.

Goodnight little person. Sleep close to me.

Goodnight world.

10 thoughts on “Did you forget to grow?

  1. You are a very special dog Bassa. And so lovely to include your little human in your flock. I can see that you love all your humans so very much.

    Hugs from Annie the Mumma

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