I hope the little kitty finds some breakfast

It was cold again today and although small flecks of snow were in the air they didn’t settle thickly as they did yesterday. Perfect weather for a walk around the neighborhood!

The tall person wrapped up warm and I shook myself to fluff up my winter coat and we set off to see what was new and what was the same but slightly different.

There is always something to see because nothing ever really stays the same, it changes with the light and the seasons and your own perspective.

The tall person told me that he likes the ‘still life’ pictures painted by the Old Masters. He said that they capture moments in Time whilst everything else changes and eventually becomes something else.

We walked by the little house that reminds me of a long forgotten carcass. Its bones were bleached white by the snow. The tall person said it was a perfect example of ‘still life’ and took a photograph.

The neighborhood was quite today. Everyone was inside warming themselves around their wood burning stoves.

The air was heavy with the scent of wood smoke.

We did see one hardy inhabitant of our winter neighborhood. He had no wood burning stove to warm him, or someone to feed him.

He was looking for his breakfast.

I didn’t disturb him as we walked quietly by.

Another moment captured in Time tall person?

“Yes” he replied, “one of thousands that we capture each day and keep in our gallery of Time.”

Hmm, that is profound tall person but on a slightly less esoteric level I hope the little kitty finds some breakfast.