Too cold for tennis!

It snowed during the night and my yard was covered when I woke up.

I stayed out there whilst the tall person drank his coffee and De helped the little person to get ready for school. I like the snow.

When it was time for the little person to meet the school bus I sat on the veranda to say goodbye.

See you at 6.00 o’clock little person!

You may not be able to see me in this picture as I am wearing my urban winter camouflage!

In the background you can see the big tree that the tall person uses to navigate his way around the neighborhood.

It was so cold that water froze! The tall person took a photograph of this perfect row of icicles hanging from a neighbor’s roof .

Hmm, I think that is a warning to all animals prone to dribbling.

I shall try not to dribble or I will have icicles hanging from my mouth!

It was obviously too cold for games.

On our walk we saw this racquet sheltering from the snow behind a withered bush.

Find somewhere warmer little racquet. Someone will play with you in the Spring!