Red roses and beer

On my walk this afternoon I saw a man who sells flowers. You can see that his assistant is very alert and probably using a ‘profiling’ technique to scan passers-by for potential customers – perhaps children who want to surprise their mother or young men who have a date with their sweetheart or married men who still remember that it is important to give their wives beautiful flowers.

The man who sells flowers clearly looks after the needs of his blooms. If you look closely you will see that the orange flowers are having a good drink from a large water bottle. However, I was a little concerned to see that the red roses have been placed in beer bottles. Hmm, I hope they will not be too intoxicated to perform their romantic duty when they are later presented to sweethearts and wives!

14 thoughts on “Red roses and beer

  1. The flowers are very pretty. We guess the man ran out of containers and found use for those beer bottles. We hope too those roses don’t become intoxicated. Hugs and nose kisses sweet Bassa

  2. Bassa, you are very romantic. I hope that someone bought flowers for you! x You’re so kind, you deserve them. As far as the beer bottles being used…let’s just hope he rinsed the all out very well before putting roses in them!! xx Berner Girls

    • I don’t get too close to the people who sell things because they think I will scare their customers away. Yes Bongo, De loves flowers but as I was with him the tall person couldn’t get any.

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