Puddle hopping

It was raining when I woke up this morning and I immediately alerted the tall person and gave him the latest weather report. Rain, rain, rain. We both like walking in the rain and I knew he would want to get out there as much as I did.

One cup of coffee later and we set off into our watery neigborhood. Water was everywhere. We both looked at each other. Yes tall person, it is time to play the puddle hopping game. I like puddles and have devised a game to ensure that I visit as many puddles as I can. It’s a simple game. We have to tread in every puddle that we come across. The tall person calls it the puddle hopping game. We don’t physically hop but our route is determined by the distribution of puddles so we ‘hop’ from one to the other, if you know what I mean.   

Our puddle ‘hopping’ took us to Eugene the jeep. I think Eugene likes the rain. For him it is the equivalent of a car wash and cleans away all of the dust and dirt that has stuck to him since it last rained.

We noticed that something was different about Eugene. Someone had painted the word ‘Metallica’ on his back. Eugene was a victim of graffiti.

The tall person told me that ‘Metallica’ are an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. He said that their fast tempos, instrumentals, and aggressive musicianship placed the band as one of the founding “big four” of thrash metal, alongside ‘Slayer’, ‘Megadeath’ and ‘Anthrax’. Hmm, perhaps it is a good thing that the graffiti person is not a fan of ‘Anthrax’ as I don’t think Eugene would like that written on his back.

Anyway, we both decided that Eugene is probably a fan of heavy metal as many of his friends would have been tanks and they are quite heavy.

Our puddle hopping eventually brought us home again and the tall person suggested that I sit on the balcony at the top of the front steps until I had dried off a little. He said that De might not fully appreciate the joys of puddle hopping, especially if I create puddles in the hallway and she has to hop over them! Okay tall person, I will sit here and make a puddle on the balcony.