The lair of the devil dog

This is the street that leads to one end of my street. It is also where the meanest dog in my neighborhood lives but more about that later.

You can see from the photo that the lady who sweeps has done a very good job of keeping the streets clean.

There is a little shop here but you can’t go in it. It has a little window that opens and customers tell the person who lives inside what they want and he gets it for them. The tall person says it is a kiosk. He sometimes shops there if he needs little things and does not want to walk down to the big supermarket.

The little shop has a lazy tree in front of it but it might have become that way from people leaning on it as they wait in a queue to be served but I have never seen a queue there so I think it is just a lazy tree.

The kiosk sells dried fish (popular to eat when drinking beer), bread, soft drinks, beer and vodka, sunflower seeds, candies, chewing gum and cigarettes.

Most streets in my neighborhood have at least one kiosk as well as one bakery and one pharmacy.

Anyway, at the beginning of this little story I mentioned that this is the street where the meanest dog in my neighborhood lives. It has a home a couple of doors down from the kiosk but is allowed to roam the streets, which is a big problem as it is extremely vicious.

When I first met this dog it barked and snarled but did this from a distance. Over time it has become bolder and recently lunged at me and tried to bite my nose. The tall person shouted at it in Georgian and it retreated.

The tall person explained that because this dog is allowed to roam the street it thinks that it is his territory and because of this it defends it against other dogs. I understand that its aggressive behaviour is the fault of the owner but I am more inclined to think it is mean and very stupid. One day it will attack a dog that is not on a leash and not as calm as me and it will be very sorry.

Live and let live little devil dog. When I walk down ‘your’ street I’m just passing through.


Can dogs fly?

At the end of the street behind my house there lives a large Caucasian Shepherd. He is a yard dog but is not chained so he is able to watch the world go by from his vantage point on his veranda that overlooks the street. This can be very disconcerting for passers-by, especially as he is large and has a ferocious bark.

The tall person wanted to see him and take some photos so we walked that way this morning.

I heard him before I saw him. He was barking at something and that something was probably hurrying to get past him. He barks at everything and cannot be popular in his street but I doubt anyone has knocked on the owner’s door to complain!

I meet so many barking dogs on my walks that it doesn’t bother me at all. I never react and always stay calm. I really don’t understand why some dogs get themselves hot and bothered by barking at everything they see and hear.

Anyway, we walked slowly up the street towards the big Caucasian Shepherd and turned the corner to see him standing on his veranda. He stopped barking when he saw me but as we got closer he started again.

We had to get close for the tall person to get a good picture but the big Caucasian saw this as an invasion of his “territory” and began a frenzied bout of ferocious barking and growling.

You will see from the pictures that the veranda does not have a fence and though the wall is quite high I did wonder if it was high enough to stop the dog from jumping down.

The tall person took his pictures and we said goodbye to the excitable Caucasian and as we slowly walked up the street the tall person turned to me and said “It’s good that dogs can’t fly”. Hmm, you might be right tall person but they can jump!