The lair of the devil dog

This is the street that leads to one end of my street. It is also where the meanest dog in my neighborhood lives but more about that later.

You can see from the photo that the lady who sweeps has done a very good job of keeping the streets clean.

There is a little shop here but you can’t go in it. It has a little window that opens and customers tell the person who lives inside what they want and he gets it for them. The tall person says it is a kiosk. He sometimes shops there if he needs little things and does not want to walk down to the big supermarket.

The little shop has a lazy tree in front of it but it might have become that way from people leaning on it as they wait in a queue to be served but I have never seen a queue there so I think it is just a lazy tree.

The kiosk sells dried fish (popular to eat when drinking beer), bread, soft drinks, beer and vodka, sunflower seeds, candies, chewing gum and cigarettes.

Most streets in my neighborhood have at least one kiosk as well as one bakery and one pharmacy.

Anyway, at the beginning of this little story I mentioned that this is the street where the meanest dog in my neighborhood lives. It has a home a couple of doors down from the kiosk but is allowed to roam the streets, which is a big problem as it is extremely vicious.

When I first met this dog it barked and snarled but did this from a distance. Over time it has become bolder and recently lunged at me and tried to bite my nose. The tall person shouted at it in Georgian and it retreated.

The tall person explained that because this dog is allowed to roam the street it thinks that it is his territory and because of this it defends it against other dogs. I understand that its aggressive behaviour is the fault of the owner but I am more inclined to think it is mean and very stupid. One day it will attack a dog that is not on a leash and not as calm as me and it will be very sorry.

Live and let live little devil dog. When I walk down ‘your’ street I’m just passing through.


26 thoughts on “The lair of the devil dog

  1. OMG, Bassa! Be very careful of that evil breeder of discord! Once a mean dog in my neighborhood was off his leash and he bit my neck while I was walking nicely minding my own business. I had to have surgery, and things looked shaved and gross and Frankenstein-like for a while. Now I am pretty, again, and the mean dog moved away, so whew! Sunshine returned to my neighborhood. Stay safe (and pretty).
    Love & licks,

  2. Just hold your head up high and show no fear sweet Bassa, maybe just maybe that mean dog will learn some nice manners from you. Stay safe on your walks down that street. Interesting read about the kiosk and lazy tree. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Mama L. said that they call it the “Napoleon complex”, when little dogs act much bigger than they actually are. Madeleine has it every now and then, although I am happy to say that **I** don’t suffer from it. (Mostly because when I have tried in the past, I got put in my place real fast.)

    Anyway, happy journeys to you, Bassa. I love your all your adventures!

    Love, Gingersnap!

  4. I have read the comments on this page and I’m not happy, you all seem to have it in for small dogs. I’m a Border Terrier and what we lack in stature we make up for in courage. I would fight anything or anyone at the drop of a hat but I would never be aggressive, I’d rather play and make friends.
    Just because one small dog is aggressive doesn’t mean we all are.

    • I am sure that is not the case Bones. In my experience it is the opposite. When I go out a lot of people assume that I am aggressive because I am big. I have lost count of the number of times people cross the street or turn back the other way when they see me coming. It’s not a nice feeling, especially as it is un-deserved but I take it in my stride. I suppose one bad experience can affect how someone views a particular breed or even dogs in general. Sadly, I have been threatened by all sizes of dogs when I’ve been out walking but that doesn’t mean I think that all dogs are aggressive.

  5. Hi Bassa, I wanted to reply to what you and Bones talked about, above.

    It’s unfortunate but many people do associate particular breeds with violence and aggression simply based on things they’ve heard or read. Sad and unfair.

    My Petey is a purebred pit bull who we rescued from a life as a “bait dog,” which are dogs used to tease other pits into fighting, then pulled out of the fight at the last minute. Petey was in awful shape when he limped onto our property but that was eight years ago, and he’s great now 🙂 But anyway, he’s 75 pounds and obviously a pit bull and people misjudge him all the time… that is, until he smiles and wags his whole body. It’s plain to see then that he wouldn’t (and hasn’t ever) hurt a thing. Petey’s best friend is our cat Sammy, and they both sleep in the bed with me and our tall person every night! Petey is by far the sweetest, most gentle dog we’ve ever known. Everybody who knows him loves him.

    Bassa, you’re a great example of how gentle big dogs can be! And Bones, as a terrier you’re related to Petey 🙂 Little terriers are courageous — some are high-strung but that doesn’t mean they’re aggressive. If I’m not mistaken terriers were used for herding originally, weren’t they? So they had to learn to be quick and alert, which doesn’t make them mean!

    I wish people wouldn’t be so judgmental, don’t you?

    • Lisa, thank you very much for taking the time to comment on this issue and share your experience of Petey. He sounds very lovely and it was wonderful of you to rescue him and let him know that there is love and kindness in the world 🙂 Yes, I do wish people wouldn’t be so judgmental but the only thing we can do is set an example and change the minds of everyone we meet.

  6. I love seeing your town! Now, once a little dog tried to attack us on our walk and Trevor looked at it and yawned…. I laughed and the little dog didn’t know what to do when Trevor yawned…. so it went off to try to fight with someone else! LOL….. Ya know Bassa all you have to do is sit on it…. it wont get hurt and it will get the message! 🙂 A big hug for you Bassa!

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