Are you tired?

Just past the railway bridge on Car Street there is a very interesting car shop. I passed it this afternoon on my way to the pet shop to get more food for me and Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot.

If you need a ‘new’ tire or your tire is flat or feeling a little deflated then this is the place to go.

The tire man will fix your tire at the roadside just outside his shop and he has an extra long air hose for topping up the air in your tires.

At the time I passed this shop the tire man was changing a tire for the man in the picture. The tall person noticed that the man’s jacket looks just like the tires piled next to him. Hmm, I suggest you move away man before someone fits you to a wheel and drives off!

I hope it doesn’t rain today or the shop will disintegrate!

It is cold when I wake up in the mornings now. Winter is coming.

Not long after I wake, my neighbor lights his wood burning stove and the smell of wood smoke drifts into my yard. I like its smell.

Our house has central heating but not many houses have this in our neighborhood and people rely on wood burning stoves to keep them warm. I imagine them huddled around their stove on cold winter evenings, chatting and drinking black tea with lots of sugar. 

Our grandfather neighbor spent many days chopping wood for the winter. Last year he chopped down a tree outside his house and used that for fuel but this year I noticed that wood was delivered to his house and he chopped that up. Hmm, next year I must keep an eye on the wooden telegraph pole outside our house. Our grandfather neighbor might be tempted by so much lovely winter fuel!

Anyway, as soon as the tall person had re-fuelled with a steaming cup of black coffee and put on his warm jacket we set off into the neighborhood for our morning walk.

We have been exploring new areas over the last few days and have found many interesting things. Today we came across a mobile shop that was waiting to be filled with the day’s merchandise.

This type of mobile shop is popular with the ladies who sell things because they have wheels and the ladies who sell things can push them instead of carrying their stock.

We didn’t stay long enough to see what type of shop it is but I did notice that it is made of cardboard so I hope it doesn’t rain today or the shop will disintegrate!

Some of the roads in this part of the neighborhood are heavily eroded. I mentioned recently that the water used to wash cars runs down the streets and over time carves deep gullies.

You can see from this picture that one of the gullies has been filled in with stones but the water has found another way and has carved a new one.

The small street leading to my street was like this last year but some men came and repaired and re-surfaced it and made it like new.

Shortly afterwards, someone who lived in that street dug a trench half way across the road and when they had finished (whatever they were doing) they inexpertly filled it in so the next time it rained the ground settled and left a dangerous hole. The tall person is amazed that people are allowed to dig up roads.

Because we were exploring a new part of the neighborhood we did get a little lost but getting lost is one of the best ways to discover new things.

We never worry if we get lost. We just look around to see if we can see the tall tree that stands behind our house. We use it as a landmark and can usually see it from most parts of the neighborhood.

The tree is very useful because the street signs are very confusing.

Would you know where you were if you saw this?