Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving

The tall person told me that it is a Thanksgiving holiday in the United States today.

He said the tradition traces its origins to a feast and thanksgiving prompted by a good harvest at Plymouth in present-day Massachusetts in 1621.

He told me that when the colony was established at Plymouth they did not have enough food but the Wampanoag Native Americans helped them by providing seeds and teaching them to fish. I think that was a very nice thing to do.

I asked the tall person to tell me about the food they ate at the 1621 feast and he said it comprised of turkey, waterfowl, swan, venison, fish, lobster, seal, clams, berries, fruit, watercress, pumpkin and squash. Mmmm, I would have liked to have been part of that celebration!

For everyone celebrating Thanksgiving I wish you a very happy day. Enjoy your turkey (or turkey substitute if you are vegetarian).