New friends (for both of us)

The sun was shining when I woke up today and the sky was a beautiful blue. Perfect weather for a long walk. I had to be patient though. It is counter-productive to hurry the tall person, especially when he has just woken up. Over time I have realised that he does not “hit the ground running” in the mornings and needs at least one cup of coffee before achieving full consciousness!

Anyway, we set off and waited to see where my four paws and the tall person’s two feet would take us. We don’t usually have a plan when we go out. We like to explore.

This morning, we found ourselves in the forest. On the way, we had stopped off to say hello to the old ambulance that we had found recently and then we went to see the taxi drivers that sit together chatting and playing dominoes. We watched them for a while and then waved goodbye and walked up the track into the forest.

The forest looked beautiful in the sunshine. Cows grazed lazily in the shade of trees watched by a man with a stick. The tall person said the stick might be a specially modified “modi-modi” stick for cows. Hmm, you might be right tall person.

We were enjoying the solitude when suddenly the tall person spotted dogs without leashes. Thinking they might be aggressive strays he pulled me close to him. Two dogs came bounding up to us and wagged their tails. They both had collars and much to our relief were very friendly. One was a German Shepherd pup and the other was a brown dog of indeterminate breed.

They were shortly joined by three boys who had two beautiful Caucasian Shepherds on leashes. The tall person said “hello” in Georgian and explained that he is English. The boys were delighted and immediately began practising the English they had been taught in school.

It was a very lovely encounter and we spent a few minutes making new friends before they said goodbye and continued their walk.

Soon it was time to turn around and head for home. We were half way down the short street that connects our one with the street behind our house when we came across a small group of older men sitting in the sunshine. One of them called out to the tall person who smiled and said hello in Georgian and explained that he is English. I think they knew that because the tall person is well known in the neighborhood.

Anyway, the man came up and offered his hand, which the tall person shook and then the man kissed the tall person on the cheek.

De later told us that this was very unusual as Georgian men usually only greet male relatives and very close friends in this way. The tall person was very happy to learn this. I was happy too because we both made new friends today. 



Wherefore art thou Bassa?

A pocket-sized ‘Romeo’ has moved into my neighborhood and has begun serenading me from beneath my balcony. You can see him in this picture looking up at me with his big puppy dog eyes.

He believes I am a beautiful princess held captive in a fairy tale tower and he must rescue me. Hmm, I don’t think you’ve thought this through properly little ‘Romeo’, you’ve visited me several times and never brought a ladder.

I want to point out that I have not encouraged this very forward behaviour. I don’t want the neighbors to think that I sit on my balcony to attract the attention of boys in the neighborhood. Though I must admit I am flattered when it happens.