It’s my birthday, again!

De’s sister Mari came to see me this evening and brought a parcel with her. She said it was for me and it had come all the way from my friend Lovely Lynn in the U.S.A.

Mari explained that the parcel had got lost in the postal system so it had not arrived in time for my birthday.

So this meant it was my birthday again. This was my ‘third’ birthday! You may remember that I had a parcel from Lovely Lynlee that also arrived after my birthday. Postal problems again. That was my ‘second’ birthday.

De opened up the parcel to reveal some amazing gifts, wrapped in a beautiful paw print paper. You can see me in the picture urging De to hurry up!

There was a very lovely birthday card, a packet of Waggin’ Train Dog Treats, a packet of Hartz Chicken Chews, three beautiful party collars and chocolates for the little person and tall person. De and me are not allowed chocolates – for different reasons.

But the most amazing gift of all was a birthday cake.

Lovely Lynn knows how much I love cake and this was the most beautiful cake in the whole world and it was all for me!

Thank you for giving me a wonderful ‘third’ birthday Lovely Lynn!

A witch convention?

Yesterday I thought I had stumbled across a witches’ convention. I saw these propped up against a wall and immediately recalled seeing a black cat moments before. In fact I had followed it around the corner where I discovered these witches’ flying machines. Hmm, black cat and broomsticks. Conclusive proof of witch whereabouts.

I immediately alerted the tall person who told me that the “broomsticks” were in fact traditional handmade brushes and nothing to do with witches’.

Ah, you are right tall person. I remember now – we have one at home. 

I especially like the small brush on the left hand side. It is probably used for demonstration purposes, a sort of ‘try before you buy’.

Now, where is that black cat? I am sure I heard sniggering somewhere!

A surprise party!

My great blogging friend Chuck and his Collies from Collies of the Meadow blog took me completely by surprise yesterday. I dropped by their blog to catch up on their latest news and was ambushed, in the nicest possible way! Chuck and his Collies had arranged a surprise blog award ceremony and Bassa’s Blog was one of the recipients.

I didn’t even have time to prepare a speech or even brush my hair!

Chuck and his Collies had decided to acknowledge the work of other bloggers by selecting their Best on the Net and awarding a Collie’s Choice Award.

I have now had time to recover my composure and prepare a brief acceptance speech.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Chuck and the Collies!!”

I am especially delighted to receive this award from Collies of the Meadow because their heartfelt stories and their love and affection make their blog shine in a very rare and unique way. If you have not visited it before you are missing out on a rare treat!

I have included a link to the awards post and highly recommend that you visit the blogs of the other recipients of the Collie’s Choice Awards. They are great blogs and I can fully understand why they were chosen by the Collies.