Can dogs fly?

At the end of the street behind my house there lives a large Caucasian Shepherd. He is a yard dog but is not chained so he is able to watch the world go by from his vantage point on his veranda that overlooks the street. This can be very disconcerting for passers-by, especially as he is large and has a ferocious bark.

The tall person wanted to see him and take some photos so we walked that way this morning.

I heard him before I saw him. He was barking at something and that something was probably hurrying to get past him. He barks at everything and cannot be popular in his street but I doubt anyone has knocked on the owner’s door to complain!

I meet so many barking dogs on my walks that it doesn’t bother me at all. I never react and always stay calm. I really don’t understand why some dogs get themselves hot and bothered by barking at everything they see and hear.

Anyway, we walked slowly up the street towards the big Caucasian Shepherd and turned the corner to see him standing on his veranda. He stopped barking when he saw me but as we got closer he started again.

We had to get close for the tall person to get a good picture but the big Caucasian saw this as an invasion of his “territory” and began a frenzied bout of ferocious barking and growling.

You will see from the pictures that the veranda does not have a fence and though the wall is quite high I did wonder if it was high enough to stop the dog from jumping down.

The tall person took his pictures and we said goodbye to the excitable Caucasian and as we slowly walked up the street the tall person turned to me and said “It’s good that dogs can’t fly”. Hmm, you might be right tall person but they can jump!

10 thoughts on “Can dogs fly?

  1. We are glad that dog can’t fly but like you say sweet Bassa dogs can jump. That veranda is high but the dog is big and could very well jump down if he really had a mind to. We are happy he stays in his place when you walk by.

    We have barking dogs in our neighborhood but we three dogs are well behaved and we don’t bark at everything that moves. Mumsy says she is so proud of us. We are proud of you too sweet Bassa you have very nice manners and you are well behaved.

    We so enjoy going on your walks (in words and pictures) with you. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Last week on my walk I saw a jumping dog. Just as we were passing by his yard, he jumped in one bound onto a five foot high pillar and then down again to go over the fence. It looked a lot like flying and he made me a little nervous, but he wasn’t chasing me. His person was driving away and I guess he wanted to go along. He ran after the car all the way down the road and then the person stopped and opened the door for him to get in.

  3. There’s a barking dog on a balcony that can see us when we walk on the trail. I think we make that dog’s day when we walk by because not many people and dogs walk on that particular trail. -Bongo

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