Vacant chair is occupied!

A number of our blogging friends were concerned about the empty chair yesterday (see post) so we went to see if the “lady who sells little things near an artificial beach” had returned to her shop and were relieved to find her sitting comfortably in her box chair.

I also discovered that she has legs.

I looked at the tall person but before I could say anything he smiled and said that the mystery is now fully solved. I was about to say “but” but he said that if she didn’t have a bottom she would find it very difficult to sit in her chair.

Hmm, the tall person knows me too well. Satisfied that we had got to the bottom of that mystery we continued our walk through the neighborhood.

Behind the scenes

Whenever I have seen the “lady who sells little things near an artificial beach” (see my last post) she is always sitting behind the counter of her little shop. I have never seen the bottom half of her nor have I ever seen what she sits on.

On my walk through the neighborhood today we paid a visit to the “lady who sells little things near an artificial beach” and found this.

The “lady who sells little things near an artificial beach” and her shop were nowhere to be seen but the mystery of what she sits on was solved.

Next time I’m hoping to see her bottom (half).

The lady who sells combs

On my walk today I saw a lady who sells combs.

I watched as she walked along the sidewalk looking for people who have lots of unruly hair who were in need of a tidy up. She paused when she saw me and I could tell that she thought I was a potential customer. However, she noticed that I was not carrying a purse so she walked on.

I was surprised that she did not offer her combs to the tall person, especially as I had noticed that one of his three hairs was out of place when he got up this morning.

Hmm….I think the lady who sells combs was distracted by the delicious aroma of the freshly baked bread in the bread shop.

Keep focused, lady who sells combs, or you will miss potential customers!

Limited edition frisbee lures lemon customers

I am a great admirer of the ladies who sell things and I am constantly amazed by their innovative sales techniques.

On my walk today I noticed that this lady who sells things has obtained a number of very colorful and decorative frisbees and is using them to entice customers to buy her lemons.

You can see from the photograph that the lady has set up her lemon shop close to a money exchange kiosk. She is obviously targeting the tourist trade. One tourist family has already decided to buy the lady’s lemons and receive a free limited edition frisbee and is queuing at the money exchange kiosk to get Georgian currency.

I think the lady was about to demonstrate a two handed frisbee throwing technique but I didn’t see it because the tall person wanted us to walk on.

Later, the tall person told me that the lady was holding containers for eggs and not limited edition frisbees as I had thought. Hmm, I’m not so sure. Who would sell containers for eggs when they are selling lemons?

Think of it as free advertising

We saw ladies selling lemons and clothing today. I think one of the ladies noticed that the tall person was taking a photograph.

I imagined the hushed conversation:

Lady who sells lemons, “Shush, don’t look now but it’s that tall person again. You know, the one who keeps taking pictures of lemons.”

Lady who sells clothes, “Yes, I saw him taking photographs in the market. He is obsessed with lemons”.

Lady who sells lemons, “Well, my lemons are very fine but I don’t understand why he never buys any”.

Lady who sells clothes, “I would say something but he has that big Caucasian Shepherd dog with him”.

Lady who sells lemons, “Don’t worry about the dog, that’s Bassa. I’ve seen her on the internet”.

Lady who sells clothes, “Ah, will our picture be on the internet then”?

Lady who sells lemons, “Yes, just smile at the camera and think of it as free advertising”.

Copy me!

You may remember my series of posts about the ladies who use lemons to attract customers to their mobile shops.

This successful sales technique is copied by many ladies who sell things and secret messages have been developed to pass this wisdom on.

At first glance you may not notice the secret message contained in this picture – only a lady who sells things would understand the relevance of the Xerox sign and arrow.

De-coded, it means, “Copy me – use lemons to attract customers”.

You can see from the picture that De succumbed to this powerful sales technique and bought lemons and paper towels.

The big thaw

The snow and ice that had completely blanketed my neighborhood is thawing fast. I like snow but it has interrupted my daily walks. The roads and sidewalks have been very slippery and as the tall person lacks sufficient padding on his bottom to cushion a fall we have stayed at home for the last few days.

Anyway, the sun was shining this morning and by midday had transformed the ice and snow into countless glittering drips and rivulets.

The tall person confirmed that his minimalist bottom would be safe so we set off into our melting neighborhood.

We saw a lady who sells brushes. She was standing very still. In fact, so still that I feared that she had been out in the snow for several days and had frozen to the spot. Tall person was as intrigued as I was but assured me that the warm sunshine will revive her and she would soon be able to re-open her mobile brush shop.

I hope so. People will need new brushes to clear away the slushy snow.