What a difference a day makes

The sun is shining today and its warm rays have melted the snow into a thousand rivulets of ice water that streams from the eaves of roofs and pipes and down the remembered canyons of the neighborhood roads.

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday my yard was covered in snow and the whole neighborhood was white.

I sat in the sunshine on the veranda this morning and watched colors emerge from beneath the melting snow and listened to the symphony of melting sounds in my yard.

I asked the tall person if winter is over and he smiled and said no.

Good. I want more snow!

I returned to the yard to watch the sky and wait for the soft white flakes to fall again.

13 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes

  1. The power of nature is incredible! Sometimes it is in a good way and sometimes bad way. Humans can’t control all of it, so that’s one of the reasons why nature is so beatutiful and mysterious! Woof 🙂

  2. Amazing isn’t it how the weather can change so quickly. We have sunshine today too but we still have had no snow. Enjoy the sunshine sweet Bassa while you await more snow. Hugs and nose kisses

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