My snowman has gone!

I woke up this morning and went into the yard to see my snowman but he wasn’t in his normal place. In fact, I couldn’t find him anywhere.

I remember seeing him yesterday enjoying the lovely sunshine and thought he did look a bit hot and he was sweating a bit.

Hmm, perhaps he left to look for a colder place.

I asked the tall person if he had seen the snowman and he suggested that I sit down, so I did.

He explained that the snowman had melted in the sunshine and had become water.

He could see that I was saddened by this explanation so he stroked my head and said that all things have an allotted time in their existing form and when that time is used up they become something else. Sometimes it is a short time and sometimes it is a very long time.

He said that nothing ever really dies because it becomes something else.

I like that explanation.

Hmm, I shall go and look for the snowman in my water bowl.

16 thoughts on “My snowman has gone!

  1. Sorry your snowman went away sweet Bassa. Your tall person is right that nothing ever dies. Is that not cool? Hugs and nose kisses

  2. We are sorry about your snowman Bassa. There will be many, many more though so do not be too sad. The snowman had a wonderful friend and family in you and your family during his lifetime. 🙂 Make many more to keep his memory alive. 🙂 A big hug from the Collies to let you know the know how you feel… 🙂

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