A Christmas surprise!

Tall person is not well so we didn’t go for our walks today. He needs to rest in the warm and get better. Don’t worry, I am looking after him.

I do get some time off when he is sleeping and have been playing in the snow in the yard. Snow tastes so good!

I am continuing to decorate the floors with my Christmas paw print stencil design but De keeps wiping it away. I’m beginning to think that she does not appreciate Christmas as much as I do!

After much deliberation I have identified a suitable Christmas tree for the house. It’s not actually a tree. I think it is a bush but I’m sure it will look great when it’s decorated.

I shall dig it up and bring it into the house and surprise everyone!

21 thoughts on “A Christmas surprise!

  1. Bassa, I’m sorry to hear that your tall person doesn’t feel well. We are sure that you’ll look after him very well!
    Wow! the Christmas tree (bush) in your place will be gorgeous, won’t it? Pls take photos of it and show us, Bassa! Good lucks with the digging in! 🙂

  2. Sweet Bassa we are so sorry to hear that Tall Person is not well. Hope he recoups very soon. You are doing a great job decorating and we bet your tree is very nice. Keep up the good work…we will be waiting to see pictures of all your decorating. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. That’s a great idea, Bassa. I have plenty of bushes in my yard that I could dig up. Now I’ll just have to go choose the best one.

  4. We hope the tall person gets well soon! Being sick is the worst so know we are praying for a swift recovery. You may have to doulbe your efforts to stay ahead of De with your decorating! They will indeed be surprised when you bring in the bush. Make sure you get pictures!!! LOL

  5. I hope the tall person feels better soon. I really like your bush idea. Wish I could do the same but all we have are yucca plants and I would get poked by them if I tried to dig them up.

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