The bubble gum girls

What’s pink and soft and gets bigger when you blow it? Yes, it’s bubble gum!

I had a great time yesterday playing the bubble gum game with De. She blew big bubbles and I swiped them.

The tall person took some photos but my paw swipe was too fast for his camera!

There were some very funny moments when De had bubble gum stuck on her face and I had some stuck on my paw.

I wanted to try blowing bubbles but the tall person said I would eat it and it could get stuck inside me.

Pity, I had my own idea for blowing bubbles.

Can you imagine how spectacular my bottom burps would would have been!

26 thoughts on “The bubble gum girls

  1. Sweet Bassa those bottom burps would have made some amazing pictures…sorry bubble gum is a no-no for you but we can pass on those bottom burp pictures to keep you safe. These pictures are terrific just like they are and you are looking beautiful as always.. Hugs and nose kisses

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