A sheep substitute

I can’t find my sheep so I will go to sleep with a sheep substitute tonight. I know it’s a shoe and nothing like a sheep but it looks well travelled and deserves to rest under my protection.

Goodnight shoe. Goodnight friends.

5 thoughts on “A sheep substitute

  1. Hi!
    LOL!!! I like this! Sheep Herding dogs are the best! My collies adopt shoes, stuffed toys and anything else they can also! You have a beautiful dog! Keep up the great work on your blog! Goodnight Bassas! Goodnight shoe! 🙂

    • Hi Ruger, I have found my one-sheep-flock. The silly sheep was hiding. I’ve reminded him that there are bears and wolves and he needs to be protected. He was scared when I told him that so I think he will be a good sheep now.

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