It’s time for bed

De woke up from her nap to find her fingers in my mouth. She said they were covered in slobber. How she expects me to clean them without a little slobber I don’t know but I don’t think she really minded because she gave me a lovely hug.

It’s time for sleep now. Goodnight friends. Sweet dreams.

P.S. I hope the cleaning fairy visits me tonight and makes my paws sparkling white again.


Design Faults

Sometimes, things you did when you were young and silly come back to haunt you. De was tidying one of the clothes cupboards today and found a pair of her trousers that I had ‘played’ with when I was a puppy. I remember it well – De was wearing them at the time! I tried to suggest that the extra ventilation would make them more comfortable in this hot weather but De was not amused.

Sometimes, things you did 10 minutes ago, when you are older but still silly, come back to haunt you. I found a brush in the toy room and couldn’t resist a little nibble. I nibbled and nibbled and………it just came apart in my mouth. I tried to explain to De that it must have been a manufacturing fault and she should buy a different type because this one just ‘fell apart’. De was not happy and is not talking to me now.