No Credit!

When my friend Marcia found out that the little person was in toy room prison she suggested I introduce a toy/food exchange program, which I thought was a real win/win suggestion. I bring him food and he lets me play with one of his toys.

Here I am explaining the rules to the little person. He is trying to negotiate credit but I am being tough. It’s not that I don’t trust you little person but you know the arrangement  – you give me a toy and I will give you some food.

Sometimes you have to be cruel to kind.

We both closed our eyes and made a wish

I am in my favourite place – outside the toy room door. I am beginning to think that the tall person put the chair there not to keep me out but to keep the little person in. Maybe he does not like the little person running around the rest of the house and making a mess. Poor little person.

We both closed our eyes and made a wish that he will escape from the toy room and we can be together again.

In the meantime, I will visit him often and bring him some food.