An official complaint

Mr. Parrot has submitted an official complaint to the tall person. He alleged that I dribbled on him when we were sharing the balcony this evening. He also said that he is getting tired of dodging my drool. I am absolutely outraged. I think it is a deliberate ploy to wrest back control of the balcony. I admit his head did look a little wet but I thought he had been dipping it in his water bowl to keep cool.

6 thoughts on “An official complaint

  1. Hmmm … I think you have proven that this Mr Parrot can not be trusted one bit!!! If he were a trustworthy fellow, he would not peck your nose.
    ….. But then again, perhaps he considers that it was fair revenge???

    In either case, I think you will be wise to stay away from him in future.

    kisses to you from Annie

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