Look at the view and not my bottom!

I’ve been on the toy room balcony for most of the evening. It’s quiet now but earlier there were children playing ball in the street and neighbours sitting watching them and chatting. It’s dark now and there is a beautiful full moon. The type that makes you want to howl but I didn’t because De was with me and it might have scared her.

I’ve mentioned the view from the balcony before but it is even more amazing in the evening. On the mountain above Tbilisi the TV Broadcasting Tower is lit up like a Christmas tree and pulses with different colours. At its side is the ferris wheel at Mtatsminda Park. It is also lit with changing colours and is very beautiful. The tall person, De and the little person have been on that.

Excuse my bottom in this picture!

Ah well, it’s time to sleep now. Goodnight Tbilisi, goodnight world, goodnight friends, sweet dreams.

The Origin of Mike Bear

The tall person, De and the little person went to Tbilisi zoo today. I didn’t go. The tall person told me that I wasn’t allowed because wolves and bears live at the zoo and it would stir my basic instincts if I saw them. I had no idea what he meant but it was very hot today and I didn’t mind staying at home and guarding my flock of one sheep.

When they came back from the zoo they told me about the animals they saw. There was a big yellow snake, a crocodile, lions, elephants, bears, wolves, a zebra, a tiger, monkeys and lots of other things I can’t remember. The little person told me that he liked the bears the most. I was not surprised by this. Our house is full of toy bears and there is a reason for this. Some time ago, De gave the tall person a small teddy bear as a gift. She called it Mike Bear because Mike is the tall person’s name. It has now become the tall person’s nickname and the little person always calls him that.

This is a picture of Mike Bear (the stuffed one)

The tall person also showed me a photo he took at the zoo. He said it reminded him of him and the little person. I think it’s very funny!

The Nutcracker

From the title of this post you may have expected a review of a ballet. Sorry to disappoint. This post is about nuts and my role in the Georgian love affair with nuts and seeds.  I have noticed that Georgians eat lots of them, especially sunflower seeds. In almost every street you will find someone sitting on a stool, under the shade of a tree, selling sunflower seeds in small paper cones. If you sit down on a park bench the chances are you will find small piles of discarded shells of sunflower seeds nearby and many happy pigeons. Eating sunflower seeds is a national obsession for Georgians of all ages and Georgian pigeons and Mr. Parrot. Mr. Parrot likes them a lot.

I don’t like sunflower seeds – they are far too small to bother with – but I do love large hard shelled nuts, especially walnuts. There is a basket of walnuts in the toy room, which was another reason I wanted to gain access to that forbidden zone. De uses the nuts in cooking. I don’t eat them – I just love to crack them open.

I am the Nutcracker.

P.S. I am also quite nimble on my paws and if there ever was a dog ballet I would considering auditioning!