Not quite the whole truth

De’s sister, Mari, came to visit this evening. She is great fun. I showed her my new balcony and we sat together enjoying the cool evening air. She asked if any birthday cake was left and I told her that the little person had eaten it all, which was not quite the whole truth but I didn’t want her to think that I’m greedy!

We will sit here until bedtime and enjoy each other’s company.

Goodnight world. I shall see you in the morning.

He is barking mad but I love him

Every once in a while, the tall person gets juicy bones for me from the meat counter in the supermarket. He doesn’t speak Georgian very well and the meat person doesn’t speak English so it can be a tricky purchase. He told me that the first time he asked for bones he had to resort to barking to make himself understood! I wish I had been there. It sounded hilarious! Lovely tall person. I hope he took account of my barking tips for dogs and used the correct bark. Anyway, the meat person knows him now and always keeps the best and biggest bones for me – lovely meat person.

That was delicious! Oh dear, look at my paws. I desperately need the cleaning fairy. De! De!

Why not the Honda?

Oh dear, I’ve upset the little person. We were playing together in the toy room but he left me alone to play computer games in his bedroom. Unfortunately, he left a number of his toy cars on the floor and I bit one. I didn’t bite it too hard but I did scratch it. The little person loves his toy cars and when he found out he was very upset. I think it was one of his favourite ones because he asked the tall person why I had bitten the BMW and not the Honda. The tall person explained that I don’t know as much about cars as he does and wouldn’t know the difference. That is true. He also suggested to the little person that he could pretend that it had been in a cool, high speed crash and the little person cheered up a bit when he heard that.

We have hugged and made up but I am sad that I upset him.

I’m sorry little person. I’m still learning the difference between my toys and your toys. You can bite one of mine if you want to.

The basics of aerodynamics

The little person is on school break at the moment but he agreed that I could give him some home tutoring. Nothing arduous but enough to maintain his ‘appetite for learning’ (his words). I had to chuckle at that. I often watch him do his homework in the evenings and he never appears that hungry! Anyway, I prepared a lesson plan and this morning tried to teach him to lick his nose with his tongue. I showed him how to do it and he tried very hard to copy me but we soon realised that his nose is too short and his tongue is not long enough. Not a good start.

We decided that we would press on and cover the basics of aerodynamics and how air resistance and drag affect an object. At first he was worried that he would not be able to grasp this complex subject.

However, with the aid of a toy plane I was able to show him how lift, weight, thrust and drag help an object move through the air.

I am very pleased with his progress. Tomorrow we will discuss Einstein’s Unified Field Theory. I’m aware that this may be too ambitious so I have also prepared a backup lesson called ‘How to scratch your head with your foot’.

Anyway, we both felt very tired after our lesson and decided that we would have a nap.