It’s been a very good day

I’m just taking a moment before bedtime to reflect upon my day. I must admit it’s been good. The highlight of course was infilitrating the forbidden zone and spending time in the toy room. The little person has a great set up there. I also enjoyed being on Mr. Parrot’s balcony. It overlooks the street and has amazing views of Tbilisi. I love it.

I can only hope the forbidden zone becomes a welcome zone for me.

Sweet dreams friends.


I have entered the forbidden zone!

Success! I managed to squeeze past the chair that blocks the door to the little person’s bedroom and toy room.

The little person was too busy playing computer games in his bedroom to notice me but De was in the toy room. She was very nice and let me stay for a while. I even went on Mr. Parrot’s balcony, although it was his bedtime and he wasn’t there.

The toy room is such a cool place. This is where the tall person and De and the little person have picnics. I see them taking food there. I usually wait at the doorway and drool. There is always a little puddle there.

De said I was very good because I did not bite the toys but she has no idea how difficult that was. Everything looked so crunchy!

Ah, I shall sleep well tonight.