I’m lying low!

I was lying in the bathroom, keeping cool, when the tall person came in and had a shower. Just as he was drying himself I had an overwhelming urge to vigorously shake my head. You can probably imagine what happened. Yes, I covered him with a generous splattering of slobber! He made such a fuss and tried to make me feel guilty by having another shower.

I’m lying low.

P.S. Something strange is happening in the house. This morning I woke up with clean paws and this afternoon, when I woke after my nap, the floors were clean! Who is this mystery cleaner? I need to keep alert. Tomorrow I may wake up completely white like my friend Annie (no offence Annie – white suits you).


The clean paws mystery

I woke up this morning and my paws were dazzling white! How could this happen? I have heard of sleep walking but not sleep washing. Hmm, I wonder if De or the tall person cleaned them when I was asleep. I admit they were dirty so I don’t know whether to thank them or put in an official complaint for invasion of privacy. How would they like it if I gave them a wash when they were asleep? I suspect not best pleased. I still remember their reaction to the toe licking incident!