I Thought it was Steak!

I’m only joking!

I would like to reassure everyone that I was playing with ‘de’ and did not mistake her for a lovely steak.

P.S. ‘De’ is the little person’s mummy (see today’s earlier post for explanation).

P.P.S. She does taste good!

Monitoring Bamboo

I’m in the garden carrying out my early evening inspection. I do this every day to ensure that everything is in its place. Yesterday I found and removed a cheeky grape vine. Today I am monitoring the bamboo. I halted it in its tracks some time ago but I check it every so often to see if it has decided to grow again. Hmm, no change – I think it is behaving itself.

A New Name for Little Person’s Mummy

I have noticed that the little person calls his mummy ‘deda’. It is the Georgian word for mother. He usually shortens it to ‘de’ and shouts it! It must be a very powerful word because she always responds! I have therefore decided to also refer to the little person’s mummy as ‘de’. I know this may be confusing but I think the two puppies in the house (me and the little person) must be consistent.

By the way, the Georgian word for father is ‘mama’. This is very confusing. In English, ‘mama’ is mother and ‘daddy’ is father. ‘Daddy’ sounds like ‘deda’ – the Georgian word for mother.

Anyway, I will try to remember to call the little person’s mummy ‘de’ but it would be super confusing if I started to call the tall person ‘mama’ so he will still be the tall person.

‘Pimp My Ride’

There was a time when I could easily walk under chairs and squeeze through the smallest gap but I’m too big now. The tall person knows this and uses it to create ‘no go’ areas inside the house. One of these is the toy room, where the little person plays. I can hear him now, playing with his model cars. It sounds like he is having lots of fun.

When I was small I liked to go to the toy room and ‘borrow’ the cars and customize them. If you have ever seen ‘Pimp my Ride’ on TV you will know what I mean. Anyway, the little person did not like my conversions, especially the ones with no wheels, and since then I am only allowed in the toy room ‘under supervision’.

Come on little person! Let me in. We can play ‘Pimp my Ride’!

Sigh. So near and yet so far.

Thwarted by a chair!