Parking Light On

The tall person told me that when I lay down to sleep I close my eyes and make a huge sigh. I think it is because I am happy and relaxed.

Goodnight everyone and goodnight little Caucasian puppy friend I met today.

P.S. I’m sleeping in the hall way so I’ve left one parking light on. I don’t want to be trodden on if the little person wakes in the night and wants to go to the bathroom.

Relaxing with De

The tall person is busy working on his computer so I’m in the toy room relaxing with De. We are enjoying ‘quiet’ time. There is no need for conversation. It’s just nice being together.

P.S. I’m not sure but I had a feeling that De was making funny rabbit ear signs behind my head when these pictures were taken!

It still smells the same….

You may remember that I kept my Little Walking Donkey’s head for sentimental reasons. Well, De found part of Little Walking Donkey’s furry skin that I must have hidden away in one of my secret places. She was about to throw it away but fortunately saw my horrified look and asked me if I wanted to keep it. Keep it? Of course I want to keep it. I took it to the relative safety of the toy room to think about a more secure hiding place.

Ah, it still smells of Little Walking Donkey!

Identity of Cleaning Fairy Revealed!

I woke up this morning and my paws were still grubby. Hmm, maybe the cleaning fairy had a night off. I showed my paws to De when she woke up and she made a bit of a fuss and said that they had to be cleaned ‘immediately’. Perhaps I should not have put them on the pillow next to her head.

She led me to the bathroom and made me stand in a bowl of water whilst she scrubbed my legs and paws. Nice bowl – I like the colour.

De did a good job and I now have lovely clean legs and paws. As she dried me I thought about the true identity of the cleaning fairy and decided that the cleaning fairy is really De. It makes sense, she is always cleaning the house and the little person. Mystery solved but part of me still believes in fairies!