274 Sunrises

I’m on the veranda relaxing with the tall person before bedtime.

He told me that I will be nine months old tomorrow. I must have looked confused because he thought for a moment and then said that I had seen the sun rise 274 times. Ah, so that’s how time is measured. I wanted to ask him how many sunrises he had seen but I think he anticipated my question because he quickly changed the subject. Tricky (old) tall person!

Goodnight friends.

Learning from nature

My friend Lovely Lynlee recently posted a picture on Facebook of a hungry little bird. The tall person told me that baby birds sit with their mouths open waiting for their mother to feed them. I thought I would try it. I waited by the little person’s bedroom with my mouth open and before long, De came and fed me tasty white worm things. Fantastic!

You can learn a lot from nature.

P.S. The tall person later told me that it was spaghetti, not white worm things.

A deal is a deal

Message for tall person. I have associated the word ‘come’ with something delicious to eat. That is the arrangement. On this occasion I have walked all this way for nothing. A pat on the head is lovely but no real substitute for a tasty treat. It’s not a deal breaker this time but try not to forget or I may replace the word ‘come’ with ‘wasting my precious time’.