Too much cake!

The tall person’s birthday celebration is continuing but I have over-indulged on cake and my tummy is full and I just want to sleep.

Tall person, can you please turn the music down a little – some of us are trying to sleep!

Goodnight everyone. I shall see you in the morning.

There is cake in my bowl

The tall person has given me cake but told me that because I am a messy eater I must eat it from my bowl. This is completely unfair and another example of the two puppies being treated differently. Has he ever noticed the little person eat? Now that’s messy!

Mmm, the cake is delicious! Happy birthday tall person, can I please have more cake?

Have a ball!

It is the tall person’s birthday today. I didn’t know what to get him so I gave him my ball. I would have wrapped it but I couldn’t find any round wrapping paper. I think he liked it.

We will be having birthday cake later. I love cake!!!!