Fiery monster donates free food!

When the tall person and De returned from the shops today they gave me a loaf of traditional Georgian bread.

I love bread.

The tall person told me that he had been given it for free. Wow! I asked who had given this generous gift and the tall person said he had taken a picture.

Argh! A fire breathing monster is using the offer of free bread to lure unsuspecting victims into its clutches.

You had a lucky escape tall person!

I later learned that the tall person had been given the bread by the baker he visited this morning when he was researching bread making for his new blog. Apparently, the fire breathing monster is actually a Georgian bread oven called a Tone.

Hmm, you are so naive tall person.

You can find more about the tall person’s encounter with the fire breathing philanthropist at:

9 thoughts on “Fiery monster donates free food!

  1. That fire breathing monster has a face that could fool someone…better beware of what may be lurking below that face though huh, sweet Bassa. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Wow! THe collies took one llok at that and went the other way…. glad we dont have one of those monster here! Great blog! Cant wait to find out more about the bread….. wonder what it tastes like…. mmmmmmmm…. we love bread!

  3. Please tell the Tall Person I am very much enjoying his Blog about Georgia – the bread looks particuarly tasty.

  4. Petey loves bread too, Bassa 🙂 But beware those fire-breathers! We don’t have those here but something tells me they have fire-breathing tricks that make that bread extra-special 🙂

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