Fiery monster donates free food!

When the tall person and De returned from the shops today they gave me a loaf of traditional Georgian bread.

I love bread.

The tall person told me that he had been given it for free. Wow! I asked who had given this generous gift and the tall person said he had taken a picture.

Argh! A fire breathing monster is using the offer of free bread to lure unsuspecting victims into its clutches.

You had a lucky escape tall person!

I later learned that the tall person had been given the bread by the baker he visited this morning when he was researching bread making for his new blog. Apparently, the fire breathing monster is actually a Georgian bread oven called a Tone.

Hmm, you are so naive tall person.

You can find more about the tall person’s encounter with the fire breathing philanthropist at:

House survives 5.8 magnitude scratching!

On my walk through the neighborhood this morning I saw the house that is held up by sticks. Tall person had been worried about it, especially as we had felt the after shocks of a recent 5.8 magnitude earthquake in neighboring Azerbaijan. The tremors had rippled through our house but no damage was caused.

At the time, tall person thought it was the vibrations caused by me rythmically thumping my paw on the floor when I scratch. I must admit the floor does shake when I do that.

Anyway, I am pleased to report that the house that is held up with sticks is still standing, despite the earthquake and my periodic 5.8 magnitude scratching.