Barack stays in Tbilisi to learn Georgian

When the tall person and De went to the shops this morning they saw this lovely Newfoundland pup.

His name is Barack and he is 1 year, 3 months old.

His tall person said that Barack is American and was brought to Tbilisi by one of the American embassy staff. He stayed behind when his owner was re-posted and now lives with a Georgian family.

Barack understands English and Georgian – just like me!

I think he could smell my scent on the tall person’s jeans!

There are only 4 Newfoundland dogs in the whole of Tbilisi.

17 thoughts on “Barack stays in Tbilisi to learn Georgian

  1. Barack is a beautiful Boy and still growing. Maybe we will get to see which of you gets the biggest. Georgia is sadly lacking in this breed the only have twice as many in whole country as I have in my house 😦

  2. Beautiful Newfoundland. Love the way he is looking at Tall Person in the third picture. Where were you sweet Bassa, did you get to meet Barack? Hugs and nose kisses

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