Grapeless in Tbilisi

At this time of year Georgia’s vines are heavy with ripening grapes. Last year the vine in our garden had produced enough grapes to make wine. However, my regular ‘pruning’ has meant that it has failed to produce a single grape this year. I now realise that in my enthuisiasm to maintain a ‘tidy’ garden I may have ‘over-pruned’ it. A picture of last year’s September vine is on the left and this year’s is on the right. Spot the difference!

The tall person confirmed my expert opinion and announced that we will not be able to make wine this year and if we want to eat grapes we will have to buy them. Buy? I really had not realised the repercussions of ‘pottering around’ in the garden. This just confirms that my decision to retire from gardening was the right one.

Anyway, when De and the tall person went shopping yesterday they bought some delicious black grapes from a roadside fruit seller and they generously shared them with me.

Don’t worry tall person, next year we will have many grapes on our vine and you can have lots of squashy fun treading on them to make another vintage Chateau Bassa. Cheers!

9 thoughts on “Grapeless in Tbilisi

  1. Puzzle? You have a Bongo? I too have a Bongo. He is a Blue Fronted Amazon. He love us (Bailey and Clayton) and the lady of the house but hates the mister. Really he hates all men. Hmmmm, very strange. Oh lost my thought here. So Bassa so glad you now know that too much pruning ruins the vines. Wine is a great thing for tall people to make and drink. It keeps them mellow.

  2. Hi, Bassa, now puzzle* gave me a WordPress-account of my own, so I can visit you, because she told me lots and lots about you.
    Now I see crowds of Bongos? Funny!
    Puzzle told me, that Rumpy maybe is right: some dogs don’t do well with eating stuff like grapes or wood or wale nuts … – but to me as a common bosnian street dog of unknown ancestry, they all do just fine. I think I would never have survived as a street puppy, otherwise.

    • Bongo! It is great that you now have your own blog 🙂 Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I look forward to reading your stories and seeing your pictures 🙂

      Grapes are bad so I won’t eat them anymore.

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