The meaning of joy!

The tall person returned from his trip to England last week and we are catching up on all of the news and stories from our blogging friends. I was delighted to hear that several had recently received new awards for their blogs and had passed on the awards to Bassa’s Blog.

I love writing blog award posts because it is an opportunity to highlight the amazing work of my blogging friends and thank them for making me smile and laugh and wonder and enjoy amazing stories and photos.

When preparing this post I looked up the definition of ‘Thank you’ and found out that is a polite expression used when acknowledging a gift, service, or compliment, or accepting or refusing an offer.

I mentioned this to the tall person and we both agreed that we needed something much more than a ‘polite expression’ to convey our gratitude.

After much ‘googling’ we decided that ‘joy’ more closely describes how we feel.

‘Joy’ is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Look at our faces!

It is with great joy that we congratulate our friends on receiving the following awards and thank them for passing them on to Bassa’s Blog: 

Sunshine Award

Collies of the Meadow blog, Monica’s Tangled Web blog and Wayward Dogs blog were awarded the Sunshine Award and were very king enough to pass it on to Bassa’s Blog.

I found out that the Sunshine Award is given to ”bloggers who are inspirational, and who have impacted your blogging or your life”.

Wow, thank you so much Chuck and the Collies, Monica and Wayward Dogs. Your gift gave us great joy!

This is the link to Chuck’s award post. Please drop by and say hi to Chuck and the Collies. Their blog is AMAZING. I love the wonderful photos and I love the very funny, heart warming stories about their daily lives:

This is the link to Monica’s award post. Monica recently published her 200th post! That is “more than 180,000 words on topics that run the gamut, from silly to the ridiculous to plain borderline crazy” (Monica’s words). Do check out Monica’s keen observations and ironic musings:

This is the link to Wayward Dogs award post. Do drop by this blog. I’m alway’s inspired by the writer’s attempt to keep track of — and if possible help – lost and wandering dogs:

Beautiful Blogger Award

Bella and DiDi at Paws to Talk blog and Monica’s Tangled Web blog were awarded the Beautiful Blogger Award and were very king enough to pass it on to Bassa’s Blog. 

This is the link to Bella and DiDi’s award post. Bella and DiDi are two black Standard Poodle and together they are the ‘agony aunts’ of the canine world.

Their sound advice has made them THE place to go if you have a problem. Standard Poodles aren’t called one of the smartest breeds in the world for nothing!

This is the link to Monica’s award post. Do drop by and say hi:

The Versatile Blogger Award

My Little Green Thumbs, Monica’s Tangled Web blog and Lounge Lassie’s World were awarded the Versatile Blogger Award and passed it on to Bassa’s blog. Thank you for sharing the joy!

The author of My Little Green Thumbs blog is a mom of two, with a third child soon to join her family through adoption (from China). Chief Green Thumb does most of her blogging from her iPhone so she really does have little thumbs! Do drop by and say hi:

This is the link to Monica’s award post:

The author of Lounge Lassie’s World writes about life in the Bay Area and is a talented modeller, creating beautiful model buildings in HO scale. This is the link to Lounge Lassie’s award post:

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Kofeegeek blog was recently awarded the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and was kind enough to pass it on to Bassa’s Blog.

Kofeegeek is a very talented artist with an interest in everything interesting! Drop by her blog for an eclectic mix of art and diverse stories which aims to “assist you in your coffee time” (Kofeegeek’s words).

Kofeegeek’s blog has been assisting the tall person in his coffee time for a while now and he is always entertained.

This is the link to Kofeegeek’s award post:

Versatile Blogger Award

Michael Melville, author of Oreganmike’s98 blog was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award and was kind enough to pass it on to Bassa’s Blog.

Congratulations Michael and thank you for including Bassa’s blog in your nominations.

Michael is a published author!

His first novel Running Northwest was published on 29 March this year and his blog candidly describes the challenges of writing and publishing a novel.  

The novel is set on the mighty and unforgiving Pacific Ocean amongst the rocky, foggy and forested northern coast of Oregon.

It’s a story about heartbreaking loss, rebuilding, love and the hands of fate winding a new road through the life of a single father, Thomas James and his 8-year-old son, Daniel.

Awesome achievement!

This is the link to Michael’s award post:

One Lovely Blog Award

Monica’s Tangled Web blog was awarded the One Lovely Blog Award and was very king enough to pass it on to Bassa’s Blog.

Congratulations Monica. It is a very appropriate award as you have a very lovely blog!

Do check out Monica’s blog. She writes great articles for the Huffington Post. 

This is the link to Monica’s award post:

My Nominations

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I follow a number of blogs that truly inspire me and the tall person.

I pass on the Very Inspiring Blogger Award to acknowledge the impact their blogs have had on our blogging.

I am truly honored to be blogging alonside these gifted friends:

Collies of the Meadow Blog – What can I say? There are few words that can adequately describe this wonderful blog.

Those who follow it know what I mean.


Thank you!

Just Ramblin’ Blog – A week after I started blogging in June last year Just Ramblin’ Pier became the first person to follow Bassa’s Blog.

Several weeks after I started blogging Just Ramblin’ was the first blogger to give Bassa’s Blog an award.

I will never forget that inspirational moment.

Thank you!

Bumpyroadtobubba blog – This is a blog about love and motherhood.

It is the closest thing to a virtual hug that I know.

Written from the heart it tells about the daily ups (and downs) of Mumma and Poppy Grace (born January 2011) and their furry buddies Bella and Bear.

You always inspire me:

Rumpydog – EVERYONE knows and loves Rumpy!

A tireless ambassador and champion for animals Rumpy is an inspiration to us all.

Thank you Rumpy!