Safety first ladies!

I saw another lady who sells things today and was concerned to see that her mobile shop was dangerously overloaded with apples and mandarins.

You can see from the picture that the wheels are leaning in a very precarious way.

Hmm, I doubt if these mobile shops are subject to vehicle safety inspections.

I am worried that the ladies who sell things might hurt themselves if a wheel fell off or an axle broke.

I have an idea that might help them.

There are lots of mechanics in Car Street in my neighborhood.

I am sure they could fix and service these mobile shops and issue an inspection decal or sticker to show that they are road-worthy.

Safety first, ladies who sell things!

17 thoughts on “Safety first ladies!

  1. Wow!
    They are maximizing profits there! But how long will those last with their wheels like that? Great post and perhaps if they make a deal with the mechanics by giving them some fruit the mechanics can give them some repair work? I can;t imagine what one of those would be like pushing up or down a big hill!

    Great post!

    God Bless You!

    Chuck and the Collies 🙂

  2. Me too, Bassa, I’m worried if she might get hurt when the mobile shop is broken. Obviously the shop needs regular inspection!!! 🙂

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