I’m lovin’ it!

There are three McDonald’s restuarants in Tbilisi.

The closest one to me is on Marjanishvili Square at the end of the newly restored Agmashenebeli Avenue.

It’s exterior has been carefully renovated and repainted.

The tall person says it is one of the most elegant McDonald’s in the world. I must say, it does look very pretty.

A red and yellow Ronald McDonald sits outside the restaurant and children sit on his lap for photographs. He’s not real but he looks very happy. Ronald is not a Georgian name so I call him Giorgi McDonald. Giorgi (George) is the most popular male name in Georgia.

Anyway, the tall person and De brought back a Happy Meal for the little person, which made him very happy, and a cheeseburger for me, which made me very happy!

I’m lovin’ it!

A season for giving and receiving

It is the season for giving and receiving and Bassa’s Blog has just received two early Christmas gifts!

My great blogging friends Chancy the Gardner and Bongo have both awarded my blog with the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Many of you will know Chancy and Bongo because they are legends in our dog blog world!

Thank you both for this fabulous and colorful award.

Check out Chancy’s and Bongo’s latest posts at: 

http://chancythegardner.wordpress.com/ and http://bongodogblog.wordpress.com/

So, that is the receiving part – now to the giving! I need to pass on this award to 6 other blogs but first I am required to tell you 10 things about myself that you wouldn’t know.

In his award acceptance post, Bongo said that this is the difficult part as he, like me, tells everyone everything! So, I will follow Bongo’s approach and tell you 10 things that some of my newer friends might not know:

1. I was born in the famous nursery at St. George’s Monastery of Tabakini in the Republic of Georgia where Georgian Orthodox priests have been breeding Caucasian Shepherd dogs since 1992.

2. I like cake……mmmm, cake.

3. I am a shepherd dog and I have a one-sheep-flock that has no sense of direction and is very dependent upon me.

4. I fought a bear once (a very small one).

5. I have been pecked on the nose by a crazy parrot.

6. I have climbed a mountain without oxygen. I don’t mean I held my breath all the way! You know what I mean.

7. I slobber a lot. I do mean a lot!

8. My mentor is the tall person, a follically challenged Englishman who teaches me about the world and life.

9. I love thunder and lightning and rain.

10. I live on a mountain.

Okay, those are the 10, possibly unknown, facts. Now, I need to pass on this wonderful award to six blogger friends.

I talked this over with the tall person and we agreed to each write a shortlist and then compare.

Can you believe that we both chose the following blogger friends to make the awards to? Of you course you can, we both read each other’s minds!

Happy Bark Days blog documents the adventures of a red Toy Poodle called Little Miss Red Maple Leaf. Adopted at the age of 7 months Little Miss Red Maple Leaf lives with Momsy (aka SJ) and Popsy (aka MM). Her wonderful blog is colorful, packed with great pictures and always makes me smile!


Cupcake Speaks blog is about Cupcake, a rescue dog who lives with her mom, Genevieve. Cupcake is very cute and has an amazing collection of clothes. Great pictures and great writing make this a great blog!


For the Love of My Dogs blog features Harley, Scarlett, Chelsea and Roory who live in Florida and share tips, stories and advice on all things dog. They only started blogging in October and their informative and entertaining blog deserves many more followers. Drop by and say hi! 


Bumpy Road to Bubba is an absolutely beautiful blog about Poppy Grace, a baby girl born in January 2011. I highly recommend this blog. It is beautifully written and will make your heart sing!


My Little Dog is written by Diana (her friends call her Didi) with the help of her beautiful dog, George, a little whippet with a cold nose, a warm heart and a wagging tail! They have both recently returned from a blogging break and I am so pleased to see them blogging again!


Directionally Impaired blog is written by Nel who admits that she is hopeless with directions, which may explain the fantastic, eclectic mix of stories and thoughts! It truly is a Kreativ blog!


Congratulations to my 6 Kreativ blogger friends.