Here is the (good) news from the BBC

Yesterday I launched my own news channel called the BBC – short for Bassa’s Blogging Channel.

I hope no one confused it with the other BBC.

My BBC does not feature news about war and disaster and disagreement and economic problems. It only shares happy news and stories that I have read on my friends blogs over the last few days.

I hope you are sitting comfortably and are ready for some happy news.

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night.

Welcome to BBC news.

There has been lots more good news over the last few days and I would like to highlight one item that will bring a smile to your face.

It is written by my blogging friend Laurie who shared some news stories that have happy endings.

In fact, her post is called ‘Happy Endings’, which I thought was good because I didn’t have to worry that it was going to be sad.

What might have been

You may remember that my plan to dig up a tree (bush) and bring it into the house was thwarted by the tall person’s untimely intervention.

The tree (bush) is now back in its hole home in the garden.

Of course I am disappointed. My intention was to surprise everyone with a beautiful Christmas tree.

Well, my great Facebook friend Alfie Barron saw the post and sent me a picture of how my Christmas tree might have looked if I had been allowed enough time to bring it into the house and decorate it.

It even has a Christmas star on top!

Have a good look tall person.

Will your Christmas tree look as beautiful as this one?

I think not.

Thank you Alfie Barron for showing us what might been.